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Pete Trenholm

Pete Trenholm

Alpharetta, GA


Pete has been a hobby photographer since the mid 1950's starting out with many landmark pictures in his home town Charleston, South Carolina. His first SLR was a Pentax which he purchased at the army PX in Japan in 1960 and which he used to take thousands of photographs while in the army in Japan and Korea (mostly slides). He continued while at Clemson University and later in the Atlanta, Georgia area where he specialized in flower photography for local flower and garden clubs. Unfortunately all that was lost to a house fire in 1984. Being discouraged by that, he did not do much photography for the next 15 years until digital cameras became the new photo medium. With the purchase of his first digital camera he got the urge to revive his interest in photography. This time the interest expanded to include computer digital art.

With 30 years experience in film photography and a career in computer science it was easy to get into the technology and art of digital photography. FAA provides an excellent way to organize and share his art.


Reeves Steam Tractor by Pete Trenholm


Case Steam Tractor by Pete Trenholm


Evolution of Autumn Bk by Pete Trenholm


Evolution of Autumn Wh by Pete Trenholm


Georgia National Cemetery by Pete Trenholm


Old Carpenter Bee by Pete Trenholm


Fire Bush by Pete Trenholm


Cypress by Pete Trenholm


Old Georgia Cedar by Pete Trenholm


Covered Bridge by Pete Trenholm


Dandelion and Bug by Pete Trenholm


Autumn Sunlight by Pete Trenholm


Antique Steam Tractor by Pete Trenholm


Moon Rise by Pete Trenholm


Shooting Star by Pete Trenholm


Liquid Colors by Pete Trenholm


1st Ribbon by Pete Trenholm


2nd Ribbon by Pete Trenholm


3rd Ribbon by Pete Trenholm